Storm Water

Our storm water design engineers have plenty of experience in working in councils and involved in regulatory bodies. We provide gravity fed and pumped systems according to the requirements and suitability. We maintain very close contacts with council authorities which mean reduced turnaround time for council approval.

Storm water management is essential to avoid damages on surfaces. Accumulation of rain and storm water causes flooding around properties where it cannot be absorbed in to the ground and weaken the foundation.

Thus a good storm water designing,

1. Reduces the chances of structural damages by reducing the water saturation around a site during rainfall.
2. Controls the excess storm water run off
3. Integrates a number of sifting elements like catch basin and sump to avoid contamination
4. Helps in getting the local development council’s approval while submitting a project application.

A good storm water designing is essential for any type of construction project- residential or commercial. However many people make the mistake of overlooking this service until it is too late.

The TGVK storm water design services Australia are:

To satisfy council and other authority requirements
Based on planning permits
Best practice documents and guidelines from council and authorities

TGVK provides effective, efficient and cost effective storm water solutions to all multi-unit developments.

We use commercially available program capable of designing the required detention. The detention system products takes the form of combined rain water system plus onsite detention system via pipes buried under the drive way etc.

TGVK believes in client- first, high-performance approach. We are thorough in our professionalism although we do not forget to add the humane touch of personal relationship with all our clients. We deliver complete reliable services at affordable rates.