Wantirna South

As a civil engineering consultancy in Wartina South, TGVK has carved a niche in the field of building grand monuments and structures. As one of the largest structural engineering consultancy in Wartirna South, TGVK is now one of the best known names in the construction industry. We have about 35 years of architectural expertise that is unmatched in all of Australia. With a strong team of trained professionals that have the best technical expertise, TGVK has risen up the ranks as a famed builder and architectural consultancy firm.

TGVK is the brainchild of Dr Kana Thiru, who, with his unmatched expertise is a qualified engineer with a superlative portfolio.

He has worked formerly with companies that have been regarded as behemoths in the construction industry. These include, Aurecon and Bonacci. TGVK has been registered as a civil engineering and structural engineering firm that is licensed with the following associations:

  1. Institution of Engineers
  2. Australian Securities Commission
  3. Building Practitioners Board
  4. National Professional Engineers Register

We build structures that embody the modern spirit of Australia and are very versatile and sturdy creations. We mostly create the designs that are:

We are responsible builders, reshaping the urban landscape in Australia. With adequate measures taken while building, we are always monitored by the Australian Taxation Office. We aim at offering unmatched service to our clients and offer attractive rates. Our pool of professionals are highly organized and very skilled. Our clients are renowned corporate houses with varied business interests. They are:

  1. Centex Homes
  2. Sperway Homes
  3. Eashara Homes
  4. Vansan Constructions

If you want to enlist our services, do give us a call from Monday to Friday at 8.30 am to 6.30 pm.