St Kilda

If you are interested in a civil engineering consultancy in St Kilda that has an energetic and dedicated team of technical professionals, you should opt for our services at TGVK. With a team of design and documentation specialists in the structural and heavy building industry, TGVK has the enormous knowledge and expertise to deliver top class building solutions in real estate development.

We help provide the best construction service in St Kilda. With operations spread across Australia, we do all that is necessary to offer premium services in civil engineering and building. With offices already in operation in Melbourne and Sydney now, we at TGVK, have expertise in town planning, passing and clearing of tenders and building engagement, architectural designing, documentation work and also overseeing of construction work from start to finish.

We help the owner or the company build according to the geographical standards specific to a locality in a given area. If you want help in the payment approval process, we offer our expertise too. With an all-round project management role, TGVK is on the mission to be the top structural engineering consultancy in St Kilda.

We believe in strong customer service and your satisfaction is our most cherished value. We never compromise on the quality of our products and services. We also strictly adhere to quality standards set up by our leader and principal- Dr Kana Thiru.

Dr Thiru has been the brainchild behind this organization for the last 20 years. He has expertise in civil engineering works since 1985. After having worked in Jacobs and Aurecon, Bonacci and Ainley, the top names in civil engineering in Australia, Dr Thiru started his own venture and now heads it magnanimously. He also holds a Doctorate in structural engineering from Monash University in Australia. If you are looking at a structural consultancy with a difference, try us at TGVK.