TGVK is one of the premier civil and structural engineering consultancy in Mulgrave. For 35 years, the team at TGVK has nurtured a passion for building some of the best architectural projects in Australia. The team consisting of practical and efficient civil design engineers and professionals at TGVK, helps in the building of the well known building and construction development projects. We are a structural engineering consultancy in Mulgrave that specializes in the most advanced design and documentation, in the construction industry.

We are the best one stop shop for the real estate projects in Australia. We offer you building solutions on areas as broad ranging as the following:

  1. Town planning
  2. Preliminary concepts
  3. Structural & Civil Design and documentations
  4. Architectural design and documentations
  5. Oversee construction via inspection at different stages
  6. Facilitate tenders & engage builders
  7. Payment approval and project management

We are a market leader in the structural and engineering domain in civil engineering projects all over Australia. With a central focus on building the best structural and civil engineering feats, TGVK has the best customer service and satisfaction record among many other engineering firms.

We have our own computer network that helps us access remote areas that are in need of major infrastructure projects. We value fast and efficient customer service that does not compromise on quality and strive towards attaining the best client feedback. With continuous improvement and better engineering skills, we have managed to carve a niche for ourselves across the length and breadth of Australia.

Helmed by Dr Kana Thiru, TGVK has been a global consultancy leader in the construction industry. Our clients include a who’s who in the infrastructure building business. Some of our clients include- Hyder Consulting and Aurecon.