Malvern East

TGVK is a consultancy firm that specializes in structural engineering and professional design of buildings. We undertake all the design and building of construction activities for both the public and private players in the heavy engineering segment. We have professional designers in the civil engineering consultancy at Malvern East. With our head office in Mulgrave at Victoria, TGVK aims at offering the most affordable structural engineering consultancy in East Malvern. We offer soil testing services and have high levels of expertise in designing and testing the soil in the building locality. We help service clients in the South and Eastern parts of Melbourne city and also in Sydney.

We help offer our expertise in the following domains:

We help enable business leaders in various private and public sector companies build their vision for the future. The engineering projects we undertake are mammoth and path breaking. We offer services in the following areas:

  1. Facilitating tenders and appointing the necessary team
  2. Soil analysis and testing services.
  3. Getting legal approval and sanctions
  4. Feasibility study
  5. Preparation of structural and civil designs
  6. Monitoring the construction progress
  7. Monitoring the maintenance of ethical codes
  8. Preparation of draft designs considering local conditions and material availability

We undertake all the projects with the maximum responsibility and the designs we put forward are novel and well researched. The team at TGVK always complies with standards in building and design. We always seek to follow the national building code set out by the regulatory and building body in Australia. We offer 100 per cent involvement in the projects and service that is professional, timely and efficient. If you are interested in building for the future, come to us!