Glen Waverly

As a structural and engineering consultancy that has grown manifold in recent years, TGVK has a team of highly energetic and skilled engineers that have managed to build the best engineering systems in Australia. We are an industry leader in designing, planning and building some of the best public and civil engineering projects in Australia. We have been instrumental in building the best real estate projects in the country. Our job includes:

  1. Facilitate tenders & engage builders
  2. Preliminary concepts
  3. Town planning
  4. Payment approval and project management
  5. Architectural design and documentations
  6. Oversee construction via inspection at different stages
  7. Structural & Civil Design and documentations

We aim at becoming the market leader in structural engineering consulting for the years to come. As a leading civil engineering consultancy at Glen Waverly, we bring about 35 years of our expertise to the table. With treasured customer service methods, and some great value systems, we at TGVK, never compromise on the quality of service extended to our customers.

We are headed by Dr Kana Thiru, who is a very qualified and skilled engineer, with civil engineering experience spanning 30 years. As the best structural engineering consultancy in Glen Waverly, we do all it takes to reach the zenith of building your future. Our team of dedicated professionals do all that is required to carry out some of the best kinds of building projects Down Under.

Our clients include both the public and the private sector and have been thoroughly impressed with our service and designs. Our facilities are fabulous and our computer network is extensive and wide. We have remote access facilities and have a powered and dedicated computing facility that has drafting packages such as the Revit and AutoCAD.