TGVK is a nationally acclaimed civil engineering consultancy in Clayton, which has carved a niche in the building and construction domain. As a structural engineering consultancy in Clayton, TGVK has a team of highly trained professionals that have industry specific technology to deliver success in every step of the way. Your construction project is in safe hands when you employ us at TGVK.

We are a one stop shop for the real estate needs of large conglomerates and individual home owners. Our services range from the offering of town planning perspectives along with designing preliminary concepts in building. The architectural designs and documentation process is safely tread by a team of highly qualified professionals at TGVK.

We also offer structural and civil design and documentation help at all times. We help engage with the builders at all time. The detailed engagement with builders and the passage of tenders is all a part of the key responsibility area at TGVK. We help supervise the entire construction process with all the stages of inspection carried out with success.

The entire payment procedure is also very smooth and undertaking the various aspects of project management is our chief aim.

We would like to position ourselves as a market leader in structural and civil engineering services throughout Australia. Offering the best customer service is our chief motto. We listen to the valued feedback that our customers offer us. We never compromise on quality and do what it takes to adhere to strict timelines. After years of delivering the best service to construction behemoths, at TGVK we always believe that no two projects are the same. Each project needs a lot of time and dedication on part of the entire team at TGVK. With a capable leader, Dr Kana Thiru at the helm, we are growing from strength to strength.