As the premier civil engineering consultancy in Brighton, TGVK is now a company that is flourishing with premier design projects and some of the biggest clients. We are the market leader in structural and civil engineering services across Australia. We have a stringent policy of customer service excellence and believe that delivery should be timely and accurate. Our services are well priced and very competitive as a leading structural engineering consultancy in Brighton.

We never compromise on quality and do our best to ensure client feedback is incorporated. The privacy and confidentiality clause is paramount to our continued success.

With our leader, Dr Kana Thiru heading the business for the past 35 years, we at TGVK do what it takes to deliver premium service to large and medium scale clients. With a strong background in structural engineering, Dr Thiru has served clients such as Jacobs and Hyder Consulting, Aurecon and Bonacci.

Our centers at TGVK has its own computer networks that have remote access and client access features. These are a must in any real estate consulting business. With some of the most high powered computers in action, TGVK , also uses structural engineering software such as AutoCAD and Revit.